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In Denpasar city in Indonesia, there are many very narrow streets. What kind of highway should I tag these as?

They are too narrow for cars and some are so narrow that motorcycles cannot pass each other. The surface is usually paving stones or concrete plates. They are usually surrounded by walls of gardens and houses, perhaps with a drainage ditch in-between. There are roads like this of a decent length that are through routes, and they may have significant motorcycle traffic, despite being so small. As far as I know there are no laws about their use, but cyclists and motorcyclists have to look out for pedestrians as it is a shared space.

I would tag them as footpaths, except that they are not designed as such - they are usually just very narrow residential streets, as opposed to sidewalks. The fact that they are often used by motorcycles also makes me think that 'footpath' is not the correct tag. I would call them alleys, but the definition used for osm seems to be something completely different.

Also, should I tag them as lane=1 or lane=0?

asked 24 May '18, 09:44

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Do let me know if a photo would be helpful.

(24 May '18, 09:45) Plattypus

Maybe highway=service + service=alley are appropriate. A photo will be helpful.

(24 May '18, 11:37) scai ♦

Here is a photo (follow the link). I'll try to take some more this week. The picture shows an alley connecting two roads. For scale, you can see my bicycle on the left, and a motorbike just before the bend. In the photo, you can see a drainage ditch on the right, and also another (smaller) alley just before the bend on the left which connects to several other roads. Behind the bend, there's a few houses, a mosque and a motorbike parking area which doubles as a playground and community area for the mosque.

(28 May '18, 04:13) Plattypus

Where I live it would be a path, but this might be different in other places. This is something that should be discussed with the local community. Are there nearby roads/paths that are already mapped ? Is the majority mapped as path/road ?

(28 May '18, 17:39) escada

You wrote that they are very narrow residential roads, so why not map them as highway=residential + width = x (x in meters) ? Another solution is to use highway=path + access tags to indicate that motorcycles are allowed

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answered 24 May '18, 13:05

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We have the same issue in medieval cities in Europe. These are in general called "alley". See Alley on WP for some information on the use of the term. Lots of them can very well be navigated by car, it just has to be small enough.

I don't see any real issue with tagging them as highway=service service=alley even if in the USA (as the worlds dominating culture) an alley tends to have slightly different implications, it does convey the right thing that there may be some (practical) access limitations. Adding on width information would in any case be a good idea.

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answered 29 May '18, 09:45

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The picture looks pretty much like what I'd expect from an service=alley. I would go with this. Check out the wiki too:

(31 May '18, 04:41) bkn_jap

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