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Is it possible to make crossings when there are no separate ways for sidewalk and road? So can I just map a highway with sidewalk=both and put a node on it with highway=crossing and crossing=traffic_signals and navigation apps will know that there is a pedestrian crossing? Or do I always need separate ways for crossings to work? The wiki is a bit ambiguous about that.

asked 21 May '18, 21:36

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Yes, you can. This was originally the only established method for mapping crossings, in fact, and it still remains the most common approach.

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answered 22 May '18, 13:57

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yes, you can. The highway crossing information is then meant for car navigation. Some apps, such as OsmAnd will announce that you are approaching a pedestrian crossing.

I do not know whether there are apps for pedestrian navigation that uses this information.

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answered 22 May '18, 04:13

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It isn't true that a crossing mapped as a node is "meant for car navigation". The node provides all the information required for pedestrian navigation.

Some essential features for pedestrian navigation are only possible with this style of mapping, in fact. These include the ability for a pedestrian to cross roads away from marked crossings (which is common and legal in many parts of the world), and the ability to provide instructions such as "walk down the right sidewalk of Main Street".

(22 May '18, 14:08) Tordanik

In a case like this, would it be better to add the crossing ways against future mapping of sidewalks, or stick with just the nodes for now?

(07 Sep '21, 22:20) KelsonV

@KelsonV: no @escada's comment is not particularly accurate: adding sidewalks & explicit ways for crossings introduces different problems from those it solves (one example by @Tordanik above)

(08 Sep '21, 12:41) SK53 ♦

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