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Hi all

While trying to map mountain hiking paths, I often find sheep sheepfold made of stone (abandoned or not). They are very common in greek region.

Searching for an appropriate tag, just found:

As far as my english knowledge helps me ... the word sheepfold describes better a stone-made sheep shelter. This is also the case in wiktionary, here and here.

Should there have been a new tag to describe these land features ?
or I am missing a tag here, which will help me tag those sheepfold ?


asked 14 May '18, 18:40

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I suspect many are just mapped with barrier=wall in Britain. Most will be fairly ruinous now too. The term looks fine.

(14 May '18, 21:25) SK53 ♦

(this is not an answer... just my thoughts, more than 10 char to be a comment ;-) )

thanks SK53 for the answer

barrier=wall along with the tag wall=dry_stone would be a workaround for tagging sheepfolds. But being mostly a tag for those barriers between fields on land, I think still does not describe accurately sheepfolds found on mountains.

Another thing is that there are structures for sheep not made of stone (I suppose those are still in use), which I don't know if are called "sheepfolds" but the have the same use.

following pics says that not all sheepfolds can be tagged as barrier=wall :

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

In the key landuse there is no description of activities described by words as livestock and husbandry.

Most relevant is the tag landuse=farmyard, but also won't describe well the sheepfold... it is more general.

Anyway sheepfolds, abandoned or in use, made of stone or other material (bricks, zinc panels or whatever) are very common on mountains, and those info could be useful also for hikers (sheepfolds are possible shelters).

I am really confused tagging those... maybe landuse=farmyard is more appropriate, but I need suggestion on this.

Does anyone think that a new tag should be introduced ? ... maybe "landuse=husbandry" or " man_made=sheepfold" ?

thanks in advance

(16 May '18, 00:25) alexxtasi

nice photos; first two are classically what I would think of as a sheepfold in UK. Latter two are rather more elaborate. Husbandry seems to have ended up as landuse=animal_keeping (I think developed by a non-native english speaker, see I'll try & think some more about this.

(16 May '18, 15:00) SK53 ♦

I map hiking trails like you, and I am recently wondering how to tag stone sheepfolds which are very common in Iran. (See here)

I found out there is no standard tag in OSM for it. So we have two choices:
1- Using standard tags nearest to sheepfold
2- Creating new tag for sheepfold

I am not native English speaker, anyway I think existing tags which may work is the combination of "barrier" and "landuse". For example for stone sheepfold you can create an area and apply:
barrier=wall + wall=dry-stone + landuse=animal-keeping + animal-keeping=sheep

But "landuse=animal_keeping" is not recommended by OSM.

About creating a tag for sheepfold, I think the most appropriate key is "man-made".("landuse" makes no sense while it is about usage of a land and not about a structure.)
But "man_made=sheepfold" is not commonly used by mappers, and the word "sheepfold" is not used in USA and is only common in UK.
Another choice is "building=sheepfold" which is not appropriate for roof-less stone sheepfolds.

Anyway, I think "man_made=sheepfold" is the most acceptable tag.

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answered 01 Jul '19, 15:26

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Sounds sensible to me & thanks for the contribution.

(01 Jul '19, 22:12) SK53 ♦

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