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Hi, I have a question about the rendering of a piece of forest in Sweden At zoom level 11 there are large white patches, at level 12 one patch is filled with forest, at level 13 the rest is filled-in. Apparently the forest data is available, but has not surfaced to zoom levels 12 and lower. As I understand, zoom levels 12 and less are rendered less often. However, I have observed this phenomenon for as long as I can remember (at least 2 years), and says the tile was rendered last week. ( "Tile is clean. Last rendered at Sun May 06 21:12:08 2018. Last accessed at Sun May 13 07:58:00 2018. Stored in file:///srv/ (Dates might not be accurate. Rendering time might be reset to an old date for tile expiry. Access times might not be updated on all file systems)" This does not seem to be correct since the forest visible on higher zoom levels was already there then.

When I request the status of the tile, it says the tile is clean. When I force the tile dirty, it is still reported clean.

Why is the data not rendered at the lower zoom levels after more than a year and how do I successfully force a re-render of a tile? Or is there a parameter which limits the rendering of an item to specified higher zoom levels? Please enlighten me.

Best regards, Paul van der Hulst

asked 14 May '18, 08:58

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I cannot answer with any certainty, but I note that

  • The forest multipolygons in the area have been edited quite recently.

  • In a database import I did some weeks ago, using my own import tool which is rather picky about multipolygon correctness, those relations have no geometry (i.e, the importer choked on them).

  • In a DB import from today, they have geometry.

So maybe there was a problem with the geometry which has very recently been fixed, and not yet picked up by the renderer for lower zoom levels.

(14 May '18, 20:29) turepalsson

(Actually, on a closer look it turns out that the two multipolygons I checked (relations 8286925 and 8286775) were only created five days ago.)

(15 May '18, 08:57) turepalsson

Hi Ture, Thanks for your info. Do you also understand why I cannot mark tiles dirty? Best regards, Paul

(15 May '18, 14:02) Paultjevdh

No, on that I have no clue.

(15 May '18, 17:00) turepalsson
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