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Hi, I've read the description of incline tag on wiki, but yet it's a little confusing to me.

If I set an "incline=up/down" tag on a "highway=steps", does it mean someone should not go down/up using that way (like oneway=yes)?

If the way is oneway, then it seems clear which value I should use for the incline tag (up/down, negative/positive). But if a single way is not oneway how you decide which value to be used?

asked 07 May '18, 17:28

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When used on highway=steps, the incline tag indicates whether following the direction of the way will take you up or down the steps. Without specifying this, data consumers wouldn't know which way the steps are inclined (there isn't a convention that says that the way's direction is always up or always down).

If walking in the direction of the way will take you up the steps, then it's incline=up. If walking in the direction of the way will take you down the steps, then it's incline=down.

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answered 07 May '18, 23:04

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All ways in the OSM database have a direction. Very often this is not related to anything in the real world - it is simply a convention. For example even ways used to outline buildings have a direction. Normally editors will show some kind of arrow to indicate the direction of a way.

This allows us to give a meaning to concepts such as left/right for any way. If a way is tagged as having a sidewalk on the left it means "on the left when following the direction of the way in the database".

Up/down works similarly. Imagine you follow the way in the same direction as the arrows in your editor. Would you go up or down? That is the tag to use. It in no way implies that the way can only be followed in that direction.

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answered 07 May '18, 23:12

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Looks like I was typing while alester was posting.

(07 May '18, 23:13) alan_gr
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