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Hi, I am struggling with attempting to find all brand new elements created by a single user. I have currently the following but how do I check for version=1 (or similar) please so I only get where they have created a brand new element please? Happy with any other alternatives. What I would like to validate new work by a particular user where they have created a road or similar. I am not interested in their modifications to existing content.


<osm-script output="json">
    <query type="node">
       <user name="{{user}}"/>
      <bbox-query {{bbox}}/>
    <query type="way">
      <user name="{{user}}"  />
      <bbox-query {{bbox}}/>
  <print mode="body"/>
  <recurse type="down"/>
  <print mode="skeleton"/>

asked 05 May '18, 10:34

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Ewen Hill
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edited 06 May '18, 02:28

Depending on the size of the area the user has edited in, I'll recommend just loading it in JOSM, then run the search (Ctrl-F) user:spjaquish version:1

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answered 05 May '18, 18:52

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edited 05 May '18, 18:53

Thanks, this is excellent but the area is huge so an Overpass method would still be wonderful

(05 May '18, 21:28) Ewen Hill

Ok. Overpass queries can be run from within JOSM. In the Download window, select the "download from Overpass" tab, click the wizard button and enter 'user:spjaquish', then on the map select the bbox to search within, then press download. When data is downloaded, do Ctrl-F 'version:1'


(05 May '18, 21:37) Hjart

Just for completeness, here's an example of restricting a query to version=1 objects: .

Not sure how the performance would be.

(05 May '18, 23:42) maxerickson

Thank you @maxerickson and @Hjart as both of you have been a wealth of knowledge. The Overpass example did the trick but I was also unaware of the JOSM options. Performance is dire as we are looking at 4000km by 3000km area however I expected this.

(06 May '18, 02:34) Ewen Hill

I almost always prefer the JOSM option, because it allows closer inspection without having to go through further hoops. also often comes in extremely handy.

Also note that simpler Overpass queries of course always perform better.

(06 May '18, 08:02) Hjart

@maxerickson, Wonderful answer. But is there any way to accomplish the same thing using only the Overpass Turbo Wizard? I don't want to have to learn the complex syntax of the standard Query Language.

(06 May '18, 15:47) AlaskaDave

I guess not. Wizard features should be documented on fairly soon after they exist. It seems it could support something like version:1, but it does not right now.

(06 May '18, 16:16) maxerickson
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