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Hi, I am searching for a way to correct an error on nearly all major website maps, including this one here on OpenStreeMaps. The problem is, the road does not run through our property. The road is correctly routed on the US Road Maps, State and County Maps, except on Google Maps, Open Street Maps, Bing Maps, and etc, so my problem is finding out where all these major search engine providers get the incorrect street map?

If you can help, please point me to the correct location. I have been sending Google Maps an error notice for the past 10 or so years, no change! Again, at the Government, State, and Local Level the maps are correct, so the issue is not cause by them.

Location on Map:

The main issue that is troubling for us is that we do catch people on the land, thinking they have access to it because it's listed as a road. We do keep a gate locked, sometimes we get to our land and the gate is run through or knocked down which is just frustrating to us. The last person we caught on the land used Google Maps with their phone GPS to get there and we ran them out.

asked 03 May '18, 21:25

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If you can tell us the location, we might be able to tell where the original data came from. You can browse to the location on and then copy-and-paste the URL here.

(03 May '18, 22:15) alester

Will my edits here also update the Federal US Tiger Dataset? I last contacted the Federal Government and they kicked me off to the State, which send me over to the County and local. I've checked those and they are correct mappings of the area.

(03 May '18, 22:28) jamcor

No, but it is rather unlikely that anybody would use TIGER data for such purposes at this point in time in any case. Could you indicate exactly which road is the offending one?

Zoom in, then turn on the "data layer" on the right hand side (click on the layer button to see the option), you will see a blue overlay, click on the road in question and post the link here.

(03 May '18, 22:33) SimonPoole ♦

If the above is to involve yould you give us the name of the offending road on the map? Or mark the location of the gate(s) with a note.

(03 May '18, 23:10) SimonPoole ♦

Location on Map:

The road that is cause the issue is: County Road 4800

County Road 4800 ends and stops at County Road 4872, it does not extend North of the road as in the map. I also located the road on the BAS Maps and have sent them an email. I had been dealing with USGS regarding the map error, but they did not show this data. I do see that 2017 BAS Dataset includes it as a road.

(03 May '18, 23:15) jamcor

OK, I had already deleted that bit.

Just so that we can improve the data in the vicinity, the roads in general seem to be covered in a red substance and it is not clear if they are paved or not from aerial imagery. Could you tell us what the surface of the roads with that colour in general is? Any corrections on the road names etc. would be welcome too.

(03 May '18, 23:25) SimonPoole ♦

The county roads are mainly compacted gravel, the dirt in the area is a red sandy dirt and is sometimes topped off with either simple lime road base or a gray crushed stone.

(03 May '18, 23:31) jamcor

Thank you all for your help regarding this issue we are having.

(03 May '18, 23:35) jamcor

@jamcor: is the data correct now, can we close this "question" entry?

(04 May '18, 05:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, it is safe to close this incident. Thank you all again for your wonderful help with this issue. I'm now off to BAS to try and get this issue fixed on their maps too.

(04 May '18, 05:18) jamcor

@jamcor: okay, closed. Thank you!

As Simon already noted, it would be very welcome if you could get involved more in improving our map in that region. You with your local knowledge can directly edit the map - no need to wait for others to fix anything. ... Oh, I see you already did a first edit - fine! :-) Go on!

(04 May '18, 05:35) aseerel4c26 ♦
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In nearly all cases such incorrect data comes from the federal US TIGER dataset that was the starting point for numerous map providers in the US including google and OSM (yes, confirmed, the area in question has lots of original TIGER data).

In any case you simply need to tell us where the issue is (see the comment from alester) and we can have a look at the issue. But naturally you can simply fix the issue yourself:

permanent link

answered 03 May '18, 22:25

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