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I have a

highway:service sidewalk:right

I wonder what would be the proper way to mark access for foot. I'm thinking either foot:designed because sidewalk is designed for foot, or foot:yes because while sidewalk is for foot, the road is not and that's the part that is being mapped here.

Alternatively I might map sidewalk separately, which makes sense too, because other sidewalks in that area are mapped that way.

asked 01 May '18, 09:58

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I'd use "foot=yes" if there is a public right of way to walk there, or "foot=permissive" if there isn't a public right of way, but the people who own the service road let people walk down it.

If they only let people walk down it if they're accessing something down the service road, then "foot=destination" may be appropriate.

However, if the same rules apply to all modes of transport I probably wouldn't tag "foot" at all but instead use "access=destination" (or whatever).

This wiki page has lots more details.

(this is leaving the "separate sidewalk" issue to one side, which is of course a whole other issue, and there's lots of discussion on that elsewhere).

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answered 01 May '18, 10:17

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highway=service implies foot=yes and when you have a sidewalk=right/left/both tag that in it itself implies foot=yes too. So, do you really need to add extra tags?

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answered 01 May '18, 10:22

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I wouldn't make that assumption everywhere - actually not in most places I've ever been. The exception might be where there's Allemansrätten-style access (Scandinavia, Scotland).

There's further discussion at , but to say that "highway=service implies foot=yes" is far too simplistic. In the case of the UK the example table is unclear partly because the law is unclear (about cycle access on designated footpaths, for example).

(01 May '18, 10:32) SomeoneElse ♦

Oh, I'm in Scandinavia :-)

(01 May '18, 10:50) Hjart

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