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I am working on entering trees, grass, etc for a park. The grass and tree row have a big chunk missing out of them in the center of my browser. I could use an explanation and a suggestion on how to stop this from happening. Also, I will see borders (of park boundaries for example) disappear as I zoom in or out. So the green park will have chunks disappear as I zoom in or out.

asked 26 Apr '18, 13:22

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What happens if you select one of the other three maps at using the layer switcher at the right-hand side?

(26 Apr '18, 13:40) SomeoneElse ♦

The chunk is missing out of the standard map for this particular park. It is not missing in the humanitarian view. When I check all 3 boxes for the overlays, I can see everything I’ve added. There is just this square of blank green park in the standard view that has no path, parking aisle, trees, or grass. It is only a green (park) blank slate.
The other options do not show the details at all

(26 Apr '18, 13:54) GMTG1

It happens on my iPhone and iPad, as well as on my desktop computer.

(26 Apr '18, 14:37) GMTG1

Where? maybe because you have recently mapped it.

(26 Apr '18, 14:41) andy mackey

Comba Park in Boise, Idaho. I have been mapping it over the past couple of days. If I just need to give more time, I can do that...

(26 Apr '18, 14:47) GMTG1

Waiting longer will work. has some detail now, for example.

The "standard" style has just been updated recently which mean that many more tiles are being rerendered than normal.

(26 Apr '18, 15:01) SomeoneElse ♦
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Although adding data to the database is, sort of instant, the rendered tiles that make up the displayed map can take some time to be rendered, days some time. A tree row does show, at some zoom levels, in my browser, you could try a refresh that may fix it for you. My understanding of OSM

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answered 26 Apr '18, 15:00

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andy mackey
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