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Please revert all changes of this user (Madan Joshi)

All he has done is created random ATMs all over Nepal. I am not fully knowledgeable about the revert tool we have been deleting some random nodes but there is a lot of them all around Kathmandu Valley.

asked 26 Apr '18, 11:12

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Gaurav Thapa
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Have you any idea what they might be? House numbers?

(26 Apr '18, 11:32) SomeoneElse ♦

No I am fairly certain that they are just randomly generated ATM nodes created using I am strongly suspicious that it is a case of vandalism. The user also has not replied to changeset comments made over a year ago.

(26 Apr '18, 11:38) Gaurav Thapa

It's certainly not a "classic" case of vandalism. An example of vandalism would be drawing doodles in an area, changing the name of the next town's football team to something unflattering, that sort of thing. The wiki page talks about "intentionally ignoring the consensus norms of the OpenStreetMap community"; here it's not even clear that this mapper is aware that there even is an OpenStreetMap community. It looks like they're trying to map something, it's just not clear what.

They're using MAPS.ME, they've received one changeset comment long after they stopped mapping, and that was probably not in their native language.

In this case there's probably little more that we can do other than just revert the data, but it'd be great if local mappers could try and engage in a dialogue earlier. You can select a country and monitor usage at , and can then comment on changesets you see there. You can also, if communication fails, revert changes.

(26 Apr '18, 13:28) SomeoneElse ♦

I've reverted the few remaining ones in this changeset.

Still not sure what they were. This one had an "operator" of "55158 3rd master 24 core", which might mean something to someone.

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answered 03 May '18, 23:50

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SomeoneElse ♦
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