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I have found a street that has a wrong street number. If I try to select it I see that it is composed by multiple segments each one with the same name and street number. Why? Should I correct each one? Should I join the segments?

asked 25 Apr '18, 18:58

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It's normal for a street to be broken up into multiple segments. There are many possible reasons for doing so, including, but not limited to:

  • An attribute of the street changes along its length, like the number of lanes, speed limit, cycle lanes, surface, sidewalk, etc.
  • Only a portion of the street is used by a bus route
  • A turn restriction prevents turning from one section of the street to a different street

If you're absolutely certain that there are no differences between the separate segments and some aren't being used in relations, you could join them together to simplify things. However, if you aren't sure, you should leave them separate to avoid potentially breaking something or losing detail.

If the name needs to be fixed along the entire street's length, you'll need to change that on each segment.

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answered 25 Apr '18, 19:23

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Do not join the segments unless they have identical tags.

Ways are split into segments for many reasons. For example, a two-lane highway becomes a three-lane. Also, speed limits change as you move along most highways and portions of a way might be part of a turn restriction. Each of those examples require the way to be split. Tags are applied to each segment, e.g., maxspeed=40 on one segment, maxspeed=50 on another. The only way to apply these different tags to the same way is to split it into two pieces, one carrying the tag for 40 kph maxspeed, the other the 50 kph tag.



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answered 25 Apr '18, 19:12

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Even if tags are identical the ways might still be part of different relations. Joining ways has to be done very carefully. Usually it is not worth the effort.

(25 Apr '18, 19:18) scai ♦

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