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This is clearly a park. It was marked as such over 4 years ago (in 2013).

However, the following query, when done with said park in view, does not highlight it:

out body;
out skel qt;

{ color:blue; fill-color:blue; }

Is there any reason for that? It seems that rel[leisure=park] does highlight it.

asked 25 Apr '18, 09:54

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In your Overpass query you are searching for way with leisure=park tag, but the park you have linked is not a way it's a relation, a multipolygon type relation used to describe a complex area.

You should add relation to your Overpass query by adding relation[leisure=park];

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answered 25 Apr '18, 10:05

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Thank you for the answer.

What does make an area a relation and not a way? We've got other parks (like Hyde Park) that are ways.

(25 Apr '18, 10:21) moriakaice

The relation is used when the area you want to describe is complex, it has holes for examples. See the wiki page for more details/examples

For Brockwell Park I don't see why it is describe with a relation, but i'm not an expert of multipolygon. And there is nothing that forbids using multipolygon if you think it's more convenient.

(25 Apr '18, 10:31) Kazing

So on the page you've provided, the examples are having both way and relation, while Brockwell Park seems to be only having a relation, which is very strange for me and, if possible, I'd love to have a way there as well.

(25 Apr '18, 10:44) moriakaice

The Brockwell Park, also have ways, the ways are all included in the relation that describe the park area, ways can have the role of "outer" perimeter or "inner" perimeter See this way, it describes a part of the park's external perimeter and its included inside the multipolygon relation:

(25 Apr '18, 10:52) Kazing

Thanks for pointing it out. Does it mean that, due to the fact those are not marked with leisure=park, the whole thing doesn't get highlighted with my original filter?

Would recreating it/adding appropriate tags fix the problem?

(25 Apr '18, 11:26) moriakaice

No, there is no problem in the data. The tags belong on the multipolygon and not on the individual ways (see the first point at multipolygon#Usage). Otherwise you are creating an old-style multipolygon which has lead to several problems in the past and should be avoided. You have to fix your query, not the data.

(25 Apr '18, 11:46) scai ♦

That's a shame. The query itself was rev-eng to cover for what Niantic, developer of Pokemon GO, is likely using for one of the in-game features. Not sure how exactly the data-mining was done to establish the query, but it's sad that only some parks that are marked in OSM will enjoy the feature, while others will miss it (Hyde Park vs Brockwell Park).

(25 Apr '18, 12:15) moriakaice
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