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It's been few weeks since i'm searching for a proper way to extract data from OSM. For the most part, i wanna work with data like big roads and restriction in order to do some path finding.

Currently, i'm using Postgis, Qgis for the database and the visualisation and i'm extracting data from geofabrik and overpass turbo. Geofabrik is being used thanks its big area that it offers and I did add restrictions column in by DB from overpass because i didn't find any in the shapefile uploaded by geofrabrik. Am I missing something with restriction in geofrabik ? If not, since the area should constantly change, I'd like a tool which can in one hand download huge area and in the other hand give be those restrictions so i don't have to merge data from geofrabrik and overpass.

• JOSM can't load a big enough area

• Mercaartor too

Thanks for your help !

asked 19 Apr '18, 14:47

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What format do you want the restrictions in? Raw OSM relations, or ...?

(19 Apr '18, 15:08) Frederik Ramm ♦

I want the restriction to be in my data base. As a shapefile would be great (I hope I have answered correctly)

(19 Apr '18, 15:47) StillSomebod...

But currently you have fetched the restriction from Overpass and then how did you get it into your database?

(19 Apr '18, 15:57) Frederik Ramm ♦

With a python file that i wrote. It read Json from overpass, test if it's in the DB and if so it insert in a table

(19 Apr '18, 16:04) StillSomebod...
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