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How do I tag a one-way road with two cycle lanes on the left, and both travelling in the same direction? Should I treat it like a single cycle lane?

asked 18 Apr '18, 09:45

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edited 18 Apr '18, 09:49

Are these cycle lanes (i.e. just painted delineation from cars) or tracks (physical segregation)?

(18 Apr '18, 13:30) Richard ♦

Yes, that's right. The cycle lanes are marked with dashed white lines, but there's also a solid yellow line separating the car lanes from the bike lanes.

(19 Apr '18, 05:21) Plattypus

If they are indeed only separated by paint from the area where the car drives:

  • cycleway:left=lane (or cycleway:right=lane depending on the orientation of the OSM-way)
  • oneway:bicycle=no

replace lane with track in case there is a physical separator such as a kerb, grass, etc.

More information can be found on the Bicycle wiki page, where the case you describe is depicted as L1b I think

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answered 19 Apr '18, 04:20

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This wouldn't work as the cycle lanes are not going in opposite directions. It is a one-way road for bicycles. I couldn't find this case on the wiki page - that's why I posted here. I suppose it's a fairly unusual arrangement - I'm not sure why the city designed the lanes like that.

(19 Apr '18, 05:26) Plattypus

then you can solve that with the lanes tag.

lanes = 1 (normally only lanes for motorized traffic are counted, so not the bicycle lanes, some people will map this as 3 though)

lanes:bicycle = no|designated|designated (this can have more lanes than mentioned in the lanes tag, though many QA tools will complain).

(19 Apr '18, 06:37) escada

Ah ok! Thank you. So I've tagged it now with "lanes=4 + bicycle:lanes=designated|designated|| + motorcycle:lanes=designated|designated||".

(19 Apr '18, 08:46) Plattypus

I'm definitely in favor of the "count all the lanes" not just "count only the motorized lanes". Cyclists need lane information, too, and having a complete picture of all the lanes, including cycle lanes, provides better lane guidance for motorists as well.

(20 Apr '18, 01:53) Baloo Uriza

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