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Korean doesn't work for me. In the Program small squares In windows 10 64 version 1607 I have installed all additional components. The main language of an operating system - Ukrainian

asked 16 Apr '18, 11:42

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Sounds like a Windows problem to me. Does this help, or have you already installed any Korean fonts from there?

(I don't have Windows 10 here so can't confirm the problem)

(16 Apr '18, 12:11) SomeoneElse ♦

At the Wordpad OneNote programs there are no problems. Korean I can new names to files

(16 Apr '18, 12:40) Poliakoff My...

What do you mean by "Korean doesn't work"? Names are not displayed on the map? In the dialogs?

Could you please share a screenshot and a status report?

FYI JOSM is currently being translated into Korean.

(03 May '18, 20:23) don-vip

I suspect this is a question from the UA company working for mapbox that needs to edit in Korea, so likely we are talking about labels in the map rendering and the tag UI.

(04 May '18, 14:30) SimonPoole ♦

Windows 10 changed default font configuration for Korean and Java has not been upated yet to take this into account, see JDK-8190907

The good news is we fixed the problem directly in JOSM 13791+.

The May release will contain the fix.

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answered 20 May '18, 16:11

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