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I am new to OSM and made a mistake (see changeset and map The routing and configuration of this street are wrong. How can I rollback to the past version? Thanks a lot!

asked 12 Jul '11, 23:20

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edited 12 Jul '11, 23:21

The answers to the question that Andy linked to refer to this page on the wiki, which is still the best summary.

The less the time between making the changeset and reverting it, the greater the chances of a clean revert. At least one of the nodes in your changeset has been edited since, so it is starting to get complicated. Maybe you could add a comment to your question saying which road is wrong?

I'd add one other thing for future reference - if you ask on an IRC channel just after completing a changeset that needs reverting someone may be able to help.

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answered 15 Jul '11, 10:54

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I am wondering why you didn't click undo or just exit with out saving your error. but this question and its answers may help

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answered 13 Jul '11, 00:03

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andy mackey
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I would suggest that should open the editor again and try to improve things. It will only get worse if you then save it in a worse state.But by opening the editor again you can experiment and learn.. BUT don't save it if you make it worse try to learn to improve it. good luck. many of us have messed up before so don't worry.but do learn

(13 Jul '11, 17:25) andy mackey


I have about the same question. The quoted "how tos" unfortunately all issue the warning "You'd better know what you're doing" I better not try (as not exactly knowing what I do seems to have got me in this situation).

I added 2 POIs for train stops, saved changes. Found out about an hour later: non-displayal probably is a Navdroyd issue, both are in the map (normal view). Searched for them in edit mode again. Finally found them: one under a railway platform, the other even better hidden underneath a Starbucks, a pedestrians subway and a restaurant :/

So I searched the "My changes"-section and the board for a way to undo changes, didn't find anything easy. As these were minor changes, I just re-edited, deleted the POIs and saved again...and this time did not get a "comment" dialog?

So - finally- here's the question: is there any tech noob-proof way to undo one's own committs?

Thanks in advance


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answered 12 Mar '12, 22:52

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Looking at , it looks like both edits are in the same changeset. Potlatch 2 will auto-close a changeset after an hour; if you edit again within this period of time it'll go in the same changeset. If you look at , you can see the node added at 21:12, and then edited to remove the name 37 minutes later.

(12 Mar '12, 23:04) SomeoneElse ♦

(and to try and answer the actual question) describes the "undo" options in Potlatch - that'll work while you're still editing.

To find a particular node that you've edited, go to "my edits" (in your case, and open the most recent or current changeset. You can click on a node in there (for example 1672598060, v2) and then select edit, and it'll take you into the editor with that node selected.

(12 Mar '12, 23:21) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks a lot for the lightening-fast answer :) Looking up all the answers and searching for the POIs seemed a lot longer- fortunately the map focus stays the same, when you exit the edit-mode.
This is probably not the right thread but what originally caused the problem, so I dare asking: is there any way only to display certain groups of POIs/map elements in edit mode? I did find out how to turn off some layers (dont know if that is the right term)but no further options. Would be great to know, so the little buggers cant't hide so easily...



(12 Mar '12, 23:24) HellaHH

Ugh, thanks again- seems this edit-my-edits-thing is so easy I found that out myself without realising it.

(12 Mar '12, 23:32) HellaHH

..and yet another comment to my comment...just re-read the guide you linked. Found that one on my first desperate search to undo changes as well. It still leaves the impression that once you clicked "save" the commit is permanent. when you open a recent change via "my edits" there is no "back/undo" button option available. I had to really delete the elements. So that is what probably confused me in first place.

(12 Mar '12, 23:47) HellaHH

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