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I searched for Südermarschweg 8 in Garding, North Frisia, and the map was positioned between house number 7 and 9. However since I own this property, I know that it is between 6 and 10. So I entered the new building and gave number 8 to it. But searching for it still centers the map between 7 and 9. What is wrong with my entry?

asked 06 Apr '18, 23:41

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It is really funny:
searching for "Südermarschweg 8, Garding": map is positioned between 7 and 9, number 8 out of sight
searching for "Südermarschweg 8" without town: well positioned, but building not visible
zooming out: the building is visible

Why this?

Pit (Eo for Esperanto)

(07 Apr '18, 15:25) PitEo

It takes a little while for the changes and additions to OSM are picked up by the geocoder (Nominatim). I think you just hadn't waited long enough.

When I search on Südermarschweg 8 I get one result and it is for a building between numbers 6 and 10. See https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=Südermarschweg%208#map=19/54.32776/8.78681 and the last change was made by you.

Regarding your additional comment: Not sure about why map is positioned wrong when the town is included, but seeing the building at some zoom levels and not others is a classic indication that either a new tile has not yet been rendered or, more likely in this case, your browser cache needs to be refreshed.

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answered 07 Apr '18, 02:56

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aseerel4c26 ♦

You are right, refreshing the page I can see the house in every zoom level. But the bug - different locations with or without town - is not fixed.

(08 Apr '18, 13:25) PitEo

Like stf already said, it seems like you didnt wait long enough. It always takes a while to accept the changes. This process can take minutes to hours. But now it's working. If you look up for Südermarschweg 8 then it will show the right building.

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answered 07 Apr '18, 12:43

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