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I did create a local map render virtual machine with mapnik, postgis and osm2postgis. (switch2osm article). Also I did import whole of country OSM file into Postgis and Nominatim too. So i have 2 databases. Now i need to correct my local data like streets and do some changes on names and etc (create custom map). The question is what i should to do? open the huge country OSM file in a OSM editor and change it? or i can do changes quick in a new OSM blank file and import it into database and replace data with my changes. Is there any tool for that? What is the solution?

asked 22 Mar '18, 21:32

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any reason why you wouldn't apply those changes to the "central" OSM database and apply updates (diffs) to your DB afterwards ?

(23 Mar '18, 11:46) escada

@escada It may we have daily changes in local data in our project which is unusable for others.

(23 Mar '18, 11:55) cybercoder

It sounds like what you want to do is to import OSM data, and then apply a bunch of changes that don't belong in OSM on top of that. Depending on what you're doing there might be licence implications with that, but I'll let others comment on that aspect.

A technical solution might be to prepare your changes in OSMChange format for the rendering server and adapt the process described here to apply your changes to your local rendering database. You'd need to adapt the script to not download a "minutely diff" from OSM and instead load your changes instead. It's likely that you won't find an off-the-shelf solution for what you want to do so some coding and experimentation at your end will be needed.

Nominatim probably has a similar process but it's not one that I'm familiar with.

Also note that if you're applying local changes then you won't be able to apply changes from OSM itself any more; you'd need to reload your database from OSM and then reload the composite of your local changes over the top.

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answered 23 Mar '18, 12:24

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