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There are a lot of OSM-community-countries that have no OSMF-chapter... And I understand that OSMF is the infrastructure owner, the main events-promoter, but not a "body of representation". OSM-community is a diffuse and self-organized collective...

The OSM-user at{username}, a person living in a specific country, perhaps member of a local group of specific interests: have no formal voting system, no formal representant for decisions in her/his name... Or have something? Or there is, even an informal system, a kind of "representation iniciative" for each country?

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I think you are trying to approach the matter a bit from the wrong side.

The OSMF local chapters are formal local representatives of the OSMF. The OSMF is there to support the OSM community and the same should be the case at a national level. So they should be more thought of a service organisation for the mappers, that if necessary and sensible for a specific task, can take on the role of a representative of the community.

That model can very well co-exist with individual community members doing things as "members" of the local/national/regional OSM community.

As to informal representation: a number of countries have informal user groups that partially take on the same role as local OSMF chapters, however there is currently no really agreed on framework for them, outside of the offer to host and run a domain for them, see last question in

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