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This is a pretty basic question, as I'm new to OSM, and have been adding some normal sidewalks and their street crossings/pedestrian crosswalks (I think those two terms are used interchangeably in OSM; both set highway=footway and footway=crossing by default). Many of the existing street crossings on the map have a node just labeled "other" (no tags or other attributes, and they're not used to make a bend in the crossing or road) where the sidewalk intersects the road that it crosses, but some others don't have a node where they cross. Is there correct, or more accepted way, to do this? Also, what is the purpose of the node?

asked 15 Mar '18, 21:16

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Can you point to an example? (as in find it on the map and copy paste the browser adress line here)

(15 Mar '18, 22:29) Hjart

Could you include a picture or an example of the location you're talking about?

(20 Mar '18, 00:51) Mxdanger

When two ways cross at the same level there should be a node. This is irrespective of whether one or both are roads or footways. If they are on different levels, such as in the case of a bridge going over a road, or a tunnel going under, then there should be no node.

Errors are made sometimes, and should be fixed, if found.

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answered 16 Mar '18, 19:13

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(hopefully to make it even clearer) the reason why things that join in real life should have a joining node in real life is so that things like routers that calculate how to get from one place to another know that you can get from one way (the road) to another (the crossing footpath). If there wasn't a joining node they simply would not know.

(16 Mar '18, 21:29) SomeoneElse ♦
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