i am getting this error "failed to connect to nominatim.openstreetmap.org/2001:630:12:500:ec4:7aff:fe66:96d2 (port 443) after 10000ms"

asked 15 Mar '18, 15:43

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aseerel4c26 ♦


Where exactly did you get this error message?

(15 Mar '18, 15:46) scai ♦

getting the same error

Using below URL for curl call


any idea what does it mean?

(19 Mar '18, 06:21) vrushali123

Works fine here. Please provide more information. Are you using IPv6?

(19 Mar '18, 07:39) scai ♦

we are using IPv4

(21 Mar '18, 08:50) vrushali123

Please try to answer my first question. Is this coming from a specific app? Or your browser? A library?

(21 Mar '18, 08:58) scai ♦

we have an application where we are using OSM APIs with curl call for location details. And getting error with previously mentioned API call

(21 Mar '18, 09:00) vrushali123
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Please make sure you are following the Nominatim Usage Policy: https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/nominatim/

Clients that break this policy are likely to be blocked.

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answered 21 Mar '18, 09:59

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Richard ♦
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we are following all policies. and not receiving 'blocked' kind of error. Is the use of IPv6 is mandatory?

(26 Mar '18, 09:44) vrushali123

we are using IPv4

That message suggests that you're actually using IPV6, whether you are intending to or not. You're getting a hard fail after 10 seconds, not a "go away" message. I'd suggest the routing / name resolution settings etc. at your end are the problem.

However, as Richard says, it's definitely worth asking yourself whether nominatim.openstreetmap.org is what you should be pointing an app at. Why did you choose that instead of another nominatim provider?

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answered 26 Mar '18, 11:30

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SomeoneElse ♦
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so should i ask my server team to make it IPv6? we need latitude and longitude details as per city ,state and country hence we are using nominatim.openstreetmap.org. Please suggest what else I can use.

(27 Mar '18, 06:40) vrushali123

No, you should ask them to find out why it's not working.

Start with name resolution, and ask them why is it trying to go ipv6 not ipv4? Then look at routing (off your internal network) and firewalls etc.

(27 Mar '18, 08:54) SomeoneElse ♦
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