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I am working on a long-term project to compile accurate global administrative boundaries in an openly licensed format. I have found OSM boundaries to be particularly useful for this, however, I know that not all administrative boundaries are mapped/tagged on OSM so far. I am trying to figure out a way to set up automatic or semi-automatic notification when new features are added and tagged "boundary=administrative", anywhere in the world. I haven't found a tool that notifies by tags yet, only by geographic area or changeset. Does anyone have any advice on a tool that does this or how I could set one up myself? Thanks!

asked 13 Mar '18, 18:41

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One of the tools that can be used to update a rendering database contains this script that creates a file containing OpenStreetMap changes since it was last run. You could use that to detect when new boundaries are added (which is what you asked) but not easily when existing boundaries are deleted (which you didn't, but possibly also want).

Another option would be to setup a local instance of something like this.

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answered 14 Mar '18, 18:02

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user wambacher runs a service that detects deleted and "critically shrinked" boundary (example tweet) as part of his website dedicated to boundaries.

(15 Mar '18, 04:10) escada

You could occasionally run overpass queries such as i.e. (which will find all administrative boundaries in Denmark), save a list of the relations found and compare results between one query and the next. Internationally you'll probably want to query ways too as well as avoid having nodes returned in the results.

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answered 14 Mar '18, 16:42

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