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There's a section of road that's a few km long, that has been removed from the map, and I do not know who by, or why. I've not been to the area for about 9 months, and it's remote, so I'm not likely to go again this year. But it was open and in good shape 9 months ago. Here is a single node that was part of the way, and the road is clearly visible in the imagery (Bing, others too probably). Looking at the nodes on either end of the gap, or the one in the middle that I linked to I see that the history of being part of other ways is not shown.

Of course I can remap it fairly easily, but I'd like to see if the edit states that it's been washed out, or on the other hand, if there has been a history of unobservant edits by that editor.

Is there a tool that shows the history of ways that nodes have belonged to?

Is there some other way to determine the edit that deleted the section.

asked 13 Mar '18, 08:12

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(25 Mar '19, 11:01) Richlv

Edit the area in Potlatch 1 (choose edit in Potlatch, and then change "Potlatch2" to "Potlatch" in the URL). Edit with save. Undelete (on the advanced menu). There are various deleted ways there; the one that you are looking for might be .

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answered 13 Mar '18, 09:44

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thats awesome, thank you! You have correctly identified one of the ways deleted, making it easy to find the changeset in question. It seems to have been done in error.

Does Josm offer similar functionality? I've never used Potlatch, and it'd be nice to do it in Josm, if possible.

(13 Mar '18, 18:24) keithonearth

I'd forgotten I need to have flash installed, to run Potlatch, I'd rather not have it on my computer, so any non-Potlatch options would be very much appreciated.

(14 Mar '18, 06:38) keithonearth

The Potlatch 1 functionality as far as I'm aware was a "dirty hack" and isn't found anywhere else. It could indeed be handy though for those of us who for various reasons can't use Flash

(14 Mar '18, 09:42) Hjart

This particular function of Potlatch 1 depends on API functions for accessing deleted objects. These are not available in the REST API used by all modern editors, only in the deprecated AMF API that Potlatch 1 uses. I have at one point in the past started to implement the necessary API calls in a branch to cgimap here however I haven't completed that, mostly because of uncertainties about referential integrity. Having a REST API call that returns deleted objects would be a prerequisite for modern editors to support undelete functionality. If anyone wants to pick that up...

(14 Mar '18, 22:50) Frederik Ramm ♦

You can actually call the AMF functions from outside Potlatch 1 if you're feeling brave:

(15 Mar '18, 11:23) Richard ♦

That would be the surest way to convince the admins to finally switch off that API.

(15 Mar '18, 11:31) Frederik Ramm ♦

I think that would only really be necessary in case of badly behaved clients, such as, ooh, I don't know, one that swapped lat and lon and uploaded the results. Fortunately that could never happen.

(15 Mar '18, 11:46) Richard ♦
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You could try having a look at whodidit for the area: and see if any of the changesets after your own touched the road

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answered 13 Mar '18, 09:39

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edited 13 Mar '18, 09:40

start josm

in web view, click on edit, or edit josm click on node click on history pull down changeset choose "open changeset manager" click on query choose download changesets in current view query advanced Only changesets closed after following date/time choose your time 6/7/17 select only changesets related to a specific bounding box paste url in

repeat with only changesets closed after and created before a specific date/time choose 6/7/17 until oldest recently downloaded changeset Changeset 56142276 does eventually show up select that changeset, download content

Unfortunately, there are many other changesets in the list See in a real life situation, you probably have to download many changesets, examine the content, and move on until you find the correct changeset

There may be a better method.

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answered 21 May '18, 02:03

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edited 21 May '18, 19:54


Will that find the changeset that deleted the way though? In this case the problem change is , which didn't touch .

(21 May '18, 11:50) SomeoneElse ♦

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