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I am trying to create contour lines of a mountainous alpine region (the rhone glacier) for the purposes of a simple site plan. After much resfing I tried to use maperitive but I cannot seem to find NASA SRTM data.

Sorry for the simple question, I have been trying obtain contour lines for the past few days but I have not been able to.


asked 13 Mar '18, 00:21

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Probably the simplest place to retrieve the data is via Jonathan de Ferranti's site These have voids filled (from a range of sources, which may have licence implications) and so are likely to be rather more useful than raw SRTM data.

An alternative is ASTER:

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answered 13 Mar '18, 15:06

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A solution might be to use data from OpenDem which is a website that hosts DEM(Digital elevation models) there might be some data on there you could use. I haven't used Maperative in a while, but I remember it not being too flexible with it's elevation tools. You might end up wanting to use some different software as a result. I think you should be able to do this with Qgis.

OpenDem: Qgis:

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answered 26 Apr '18, 23:49

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Opensnowmap offers its world wide contours shapefiles (300gb archive) on request. Bandwidth is limited, so you have to download from a server.

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answered 27 Apr '18, 18:55

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