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Hi! I want to add an cycling=permissive tag to a highway that is 250km long. Is there any easy way to do this? Using iD editor, I would need edit every highway section, but it is simply too much sections to edit every single one.

asked 06 Mar '18, 13:17

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You probably don't - no-one has used that tag before: .

You may, however, mean "bicycle=permissive". See for what the "permissive" tag generally means. Again, you probably don't mean that - is this really a long private road on which the owner tolerates bicycles? If not, "bicycle=permissive" is not the right tag.

This, incidentally, is part of the reason why some editors don't support the "mass retagging" approach - it's too easy to make a massive number of errors.

(06 Mar '18, 13:32) SomeoneElse ♦

Can you describe the situation on the ground? Are cyclists allowed just on that particular highway, but not on other highways in the region? Do cyclists have a legal right of way there?

(06 Mar '18, 13:37) dsh4

The situation is that there are some highways here at São Paulo that on OSM that are set to bicycle=no, but the highways have an lane specifically to pedestrians, broken cars and bicycles (I don't know how to say it in english, in portuguese we call it "acostamento", G-T suggested "coasting" or "support")

Legally speaking, the local laws explicity allows cyclists to travel on that lane. But sometimes the highway operator have the right to disallow cycling traffic there. It is a bit of a grey issue really.

(06 Mar '18, 14:35) danilolessa

In JOSM, the "Search" and "Filter" tools can be used to implement mass-editing.

I assume the highway in question has some tag that uniquely identifies it (most probably a ref tag). After downloading the relevant area, use Edit->Search and search for ref=foo. That will select all segments of the highway. Make sure the selection is correct (it may match both directions of the highway, for example), then add the tag as usual.

It might be necessary to use a more refined search query, for example, "highway=motorway ref=foo" to avoid matching bus stops with ref=foo.

Instead of using the "Search" tool, the "Filter" tool in 'inverse' mode (to grey out or hide non-matching elements) can also be used.

As always with mass edits, remember to discuss the edit with the local (in this case, Brazilian) community before making it.

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answered 06 Mar '18, 18:03

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... and if "downloading the relevant area" does not work, because it is too large/contains too much data (which likely happens with 250 km of road), then download only the relevant data in the area via Overpass. However, this needs even more care (and experience with our data model) - especially when not doing only tag additions but also other edit operations.

(06 Mar '18, 19:27) aseerel4c26 ♦

It sounds like what you're describing is perhaps a cycleway=shoulder? See also the discussion on this page.

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answered 06 Mar '18, 16:19

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Yes, it it exactly that. There are some highways here that have shoulders from start to end. Is there any way of bulk adding the cycleway=shoulder then?

(06 Mar '18, 17:40) danilolessa

As per other answer, yes - there are OSM editors that allow you to do that. However you'd have to be sure that there's a cyclable shoulder all the way (which if you've travelled the road I'm sure you are) rather than just "guessing that there probably is".

(06 Mar '18, 18:55) SomeoneElse ♦

that is not really an answer to the "question", don't you think? A comment below the question suits better.

(06 Mar '18, 19:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

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