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I recently added/modified a cyclepath, which shows up on maps, but which cannot be found/used by routing applications. I have previously added/modified paths, roads etc and shortly afterwards (within a few days) have been able to auto-route on various application/website. This is not the only changeset that appears to have this problem, in fact everything I have edited for the last couple of months appears to have the same problem ie I can see the path/road on the map but it is not routable.


asked 09 Jul '11, 14:52

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Works for me on Open Mapquest

(09 Jul '11, 15:08) SK53 ♦

Not routable by what application?

Has the application you are using updated its data? Is it one that you downloaded and installed, and which you need to update yourself with new data to incorporate any changes?

(09 Jul '11, 15:41) banoffee

I've been using and for my route planning. It would seem that its the applications/websites that are the problem, as SK53 correctly advises, the cyclepath is routable on the website. Any thoughts as to why this might be ? As I mentioned, you can see the path just not use it on these 2 sites. Have I set something incorrectly in Potlatch2 thats stopping the path from being routable or is this some kind of caching issue elsewhere(not my PC)?

(09 Jul '11, 16:56) Richard_in_E...

It appears both routers you use are dependent on the Cloudmade router: notorious for a very variable pattern of updates.

Your route works on Cyclestreets: link text. This would be my starting point for any cycle routing in Great Britain.

Your route also works on any number of OSM sourced garmin extracts.

Broadly speaking this issue is one to take up with the provider of the service rather than the OSM community. Different providers will refresh their copies of OSM data at frequencies which depend on their own business and circumstances. If you want to check on newly entered data for routability it is best to use one of the services which is known to use a minutely-update process.

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answered 09 Jul '11, 17:31

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