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Hello all,

I am very new to this so bare with me. I am doing a research project which requires locations of infrastructures on an OSM map of Bristol, UK. I have been doing plenty of research and am struggling to find them online. These infrastructures I've mentioned include the mapping of telecommunication, electricity grids, water pipelines, and gas pipelines. Does anyone have access to any of these.

Thank you in advance.

asked 26 Feb '18, 19:01

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This Flosm map is based on OSM data and shows whatever is mapped of the electricity infrastructure.

I doubt there is a lot of data of underground infrastructure in OSM. This is not something that can easily verified by contributors. So unless data has been imported I do not expect to find pipelines in the OSM data set. Note that there might be exceptions as some underground pipelines are visible above the ground (e.g. cuttings in forests).

Using OverpassTurbo you might create your own map of the pipeline infrastructure that is available.

Note that OSM is a crowed source project that is not finished. So it is most likely that the data is incomplete.

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answered 27 Feb '18, 04:17

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It's unusual for people to map such infrastructure, although it has been done in Helsinki. Essentially it involves surveying access points (man-holes etc) and joining things up. I very much doubt it that has been done in Bristol.

(27 Feb '18, 13:54) SK53 ♦

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