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Hopefully this image is self-explanatory. A one way road with a pavement on both sides, the left pavement also has a two-way segregated cycle lane.

alt text

So how do I tag this and should I draw a separate way for the cycle lane?

asked 26 Feb '18, 14:56

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Since these are separated by a curb, I would draw a way for the one way road, and a separate way for the cycle lane which is tagged highway=cycleway. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like the Cycle Tracks Example T3.

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answered 26 Feb '18, 15:03

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Example T3 also suggests to add oneway=no to the cycleway. Alternatively don't draw a separate way, instead add cycleway:left=track + oneway:bicycle=no (or cycleway:left:oneway=no?) to your highway.

(26 Feb '18, 15:45) scai ♦

You'd need to draw it as a separate way. It is a seperate way on the ground.

(26 Feb '18, 17:00) Baloo Uriza

Unless there's a more significant barrier than a mere kerb, this does not qualify as "physically separate", and should therefore not be mapped as a separate way.

(26 Feb '18, 17:06) Tordanik

@Tordanik, when I read kerb in the diagram, this was the sort of thing I envisioned, which seems like a physically separate way if I were driving or biking. If this isn't what you are meaning by kerb, could you clarify? Or if this is what you mean, could you explain why this doesn't qualify as physically separate?

(26 Feb '18, 19:10) neuhausr

@Tordanik @neuhausr For clarification, it's a stone kerb, like the ones at

(26 Feb '18, 19:17) lakedistrict

Here is an example of a one way, bus only lane, with bus controlled rising bollards to stop general traffic. The two-way Foot and Cycle way are only separated by a white line from the Bus section. Cycleway is tagged as unset.

(26 Feb '18, 19:59) andy mackey

Not sure how this example could be mapped to route correctly without adding a separate way for foot and cycle traffic like this example.

(26 Feb '18, 20:07) andy mackey

When there's two different mapping/tagging approaches to a situation, I normally look around the local area to see which one is the most commonly used. However both methods (separate ways and single way) are used almost equally, but I think I'll just map it as one way for now.

  • highway=residential
  • oneway=yes
  • sidewalk=both
  • cycleway:left=track
  • oneway:bicycle=no

Thanks for your help. :)

(27 Feb '18, 15:33) lakedistrict
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