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When I download the windows version suitable for Basecamp, is there any way I can have more detail included? I see topographic lines and more rivers etc online at openstreetmap.org than I see in the Basecamp install. Is there a way of getting this additional detail? thanks Alan

asked 23 Feb '18, 00:24

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aseerel4c26 ♦

you had "garmin.openstreetmap.org" in your question - I have replaced that by "garmin.openstreetmap.nl" which is the popular OSM-based Garmin map download site which you likely mean. There is no site garmin.openstreetmap.org .

(23 Feb '18, 07:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

note that I have converted your comment with a related question into a new "question" entry (you find it in your questions.

(23 Feb '18, 07:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

You can create your own Garmin maps from OSM data using "mkgmap" with as much or as little detail as you like. I wrote a simple example here but there's also more detail on the links from there and in the OSM wiki.

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answered 23 Feb '18, 00:35

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SomeoneElse ♦
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That sounds just what I am after - thanks - I'll do some work on that.

BTW what is the 'come over and cast your vote' line for - what am I voting on and where do I do it?

(23 Feb '18, 00:53) alanmcd

You can "vote up" answers that are good answers to your question and "vote down" ones that aren't. If something answers your question there's a tick that you can click to say so.

(23 Feb '18, 00:56) SomeoneElse ♦

I think that come over and cast your vote is referring to the licence change that was voted on several years ago?? not sure why it's still there

(23 Feb '18, 13:05) andy mackey

@andy mackey: where is this notice?

(23 Feb '18, 20:21) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26: This is the email i got via OSM (from you) and illustrates the "Don't forget to come over and cast your vote" which i believe is a relic of licence change.

(23 Feb '18, 20:32) andy mackey

@andy mackey: thanks, the notice is clearly about my comment. It asks you to vote up (if you like it) my comment.

@alanmcd: voting works with the thumbs up/down icons beneath answers and comments (only up). See also the FAQ.

(23 Feb '18, 20:44) aseerel4c26 ♦

I assume you saw pic?

(23 Feb '18, 20:47) andy mackey

@andy mackey: Sure, I saw the screenshot, and merged it into your comment above ("This" is linked). :-)

(23 Feb '18, 20:51) aseerel4c26 ♦
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If the different downloads on garmin.openstreetmap.nl do not suit you, you can use other OSM-based Garmin maps. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download .

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answered 23 Feb '18, 07:21

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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Basecamp ( and some Garmin devices) have a setting for you to vary the amount for detail shown. Have a look at my answers to this question, The answer with the picture illustrates the setting in Basecamp. https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/62086/why-dont-roads-show-up-on-osm-map-in-base-camp

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answered 23 Feb '18, 18:03

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andy mackey
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edited 23 Feb '18, 20:07

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