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What's the difference between and ? Why have 2 areas? Which one should I use? If I want to understand the process of how trace submissions work, where do I ask about that?

A month ago I submitted a trace for a road that exists, I traced it and submitted it as a GPS trace. So a month goes by ... if I go to I see the line I submitted - just as i submitted it. And when I download from, the trace is there? How long does it usually take to get all the way thru this process? Also - when I download the windows version suitable for Basecamp, is there any way I can have more detail included? I see topographic lines and more rivers etc online at than I see in the Basecamp install. Is there a way of getting this additional detail? new question --> submitting-traces-protocol-and-expected-results

thanks Alan

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This site ( would be suitable for asking your question about traces. I'd suggest taking your second paragraph and creating a new question for that part (it's best not to combine several separate topics into one question, because it makes it messier to answer). Your question about traces and then the resulting answers to it will then be available as a reference for anyone else who has a similar question in the future.

(22 Feb '18, 23:52) alester

It's also best not to ask the same question on multiple different platforms (called cross-posting), because there will be duplication of effort. That is, someone may spend time researching and typing up a response on one platform, when someone else on another platform has already posted the same thing. If you do find it necessary to crosspost, please also include links to the other locations so all users can see what has already been posted.

(22 Feb '18, 23:57) alester

The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question, see links in my "answer"" by aseerel4c26 23 Feb '18, 07:16

They're for different things, really - is a general discussion forum, whereas is really for "how do I do X" questions. Some questions fit better into one format, some into another.

Just to confuse matters, there are lots of other OSM forums as well - there are mailing lists which serve a similar purpose to the forums for people who prefer to read mailing lists, and the wiki, which is more "background documentation". See here for more details.

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don't forget Telegram groups, Reddit, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts; IRC, Riot, Slack channels, etc.

(23 Feb '18, 04:24) escada

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