I am using OSM behind a Firewall and my user is allowed to open only specified links. I have allowed below mentioned links for my user but still not able to see OSM. However another privileged user can view the Maps.

Can you please provide the links nee to be allowed on FW.

git.openstreetmap.org data.openstreetmapdata.com tile.openstreetmap.org www.openstreetmap.org


asked 21 Feb '18, 07:36

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Hello, I've having a similar problem. We have a set of new device that we what to restrict the access to the Internet. The laptop use the MPS client and the firewall rule allows OpenStreetMap.org but the "Multi-Map" tab is blank.

(25 Aug '21, 21:14) Diane

@Diane - if the "MPS client" is some software that you have bought that happens to use OpenStreetMap tiles as a background, I'd suggest contacting your software vendor. Without knowing example what MPS is (a web search suggests several possibilities) it's difficult to comment further.

(25 Aug '21, 21:20) SomeoneElse ♦

quite simple: have a look in your firewall logs or (easier) browser's network requests view (Ctrl+Shift+E in Firefox) for blocked or timeouted requests.

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answered 21 Feb '18, 07:51

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What exactly are you seeing? If www.openstreetmap.org is in the allow list then you should at least be getting the web page itself, possibly with a blank map? Does your firewall automatically allow subdomains or do you have to specify every possible hostname? The tiles end up coming from 3 different hosts. a.tile.openstreetmap.org as well as "b" and "c" at the beginning. (they are all the same server, it's just a trick to get the browser to load multiple tiles faster)

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answered 21 Feb '18, 07:54

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@ToeBee i am using it on a desktop applicaiton. and it is showing white screen and sometimes popup error "inInitialize: ol is not defined"

on the title of popup window its showing: Awesomium.net

Yes the firewall automatically allows subdomains.

(21 Feb '18, 08:07) hasanraxa

@hasanraxa: whatever that is - "Awesomium.net" is nothing which belongs to openstreetmap.org . Ask your software vendor.

(21 Feb '18, 19:27) aseerel4c26 ♦
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