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Why does a building that is no bridge and goes over a street renders as if it was underneath the street?

Street: layer=0

Building (Multipolygon): layer=1

I refuse bridge=yes, as from my understanding this is no real bridge. Also I don't think tunnel=yes is what I want as this is obviously no tunnel.

See it here: Street View OSM

asked 08 Jul '11, 10:00

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The mapping you did it entirely right, but the mapnik renderer chooses to render highway on top of buildings because more people are interested in way than in buildings. This is a design decision done by the stylesheet maintainers of the mapnik view on the OpenStreetMap website and nothing that you have to - or should for that matter - try to change by changing the mapped data.

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answered 08 Jul '11, 12:10

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Andy Allan

It looks like a bridge to me from your street view link. I would have tagged it bridge=yes on the section which is suspended in mid-air above the road... or looked further into the bridge relation.


To further clarify in light of looking more closely at street view and satellite, it looks to me like the whole of the ring-shaped "building" is actually a road whose physical form is a helix.

My own preference if I was mapping that would be to show it as a service road, and the mid-aid section as a bridge (so that if you are in the car park and ask a navigation system using OSM data for directions, it will direct you to the bridge, down the helical service road, and onto the main road).

However, per petschge's comment, I'd agree that if you are considering it to be a "building" rather than a "road", then you can't call the elevated section a "bridge".

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answered 08 Jul '11, 13:43

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It's not a bridge to don't do that. If you really want to tag the precise form of the building have a look at

(08 Jul '11, 13:47) petschge

When I zoom out of the google street view, to the satellite view, it looks even more like a bridge - a structure that cars drive over to get onto or off a rooftop parking space. Why shouldn't it be tagged as one?

Edit: thanks to link to Building attributes page for the general case of non-bridge parts of buildings though - I've got one I did earlier to fix up!

(08 Jul '11, 14:01) banoffee

On the picture, it is a bridge.

(08 Jul '11, 15:35) Pieren
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answered 15 Dec '18, 23:24

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This is not a tunnel indeed, only a building above a street.

You can use the tag "covered=yes" on the part of the road below the building (connect the road to the building outline and split it to only tag the part exactly below it). It will show with a better visualization (nearly as a tunnel).

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answered 19 Dec '18, 10:50

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