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When i use a jpeg in a question or an answer, and take care to do a couple of carriage returns to separate the pic and the text they end up messy. Why? You can see the problem in my answer here edit:- I have fixed that one. But you can see the same text/pic problem in this Question Note while attempting to get this jpeg I found that with different display sizes the last word " staircase:" was only misplaced like this with the screen at some aspect ratios.. this explains our confusion. You may see something different on your screen than i do on mine:)

alt text

asked 14 Feb '18, 20:41

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andy mackey
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edited 15 Feb '18, 21:31

what is your plan in that answer text? To first have the text and then, below, the image?

(14 Feb '18, 21:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

I tried to put the text first followed by the Jpeg, but the reverse would be ok. the overlap was the problem.

(14 Feb '18, 23:13) andy mackey

@andy mackey: I could not ever see a overlap. A screenshot might help.

(15 Feb '18, 20:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you look at this question you will see the final word "staircase:" is misplaced to the bottom of the jpeg.

(15 Feb '18, 20:35) andy mackey

@andy mackey: I do not see an image at all (the image is http only, blocked by the browser in this https context). As said, a screenshot might help. (and afterwards I will convert the image into a link to make it accessible to everybody)

(15 Feb '18, 21:08) aseerel4c26 ♦

I have edited the Question and whilst trying to get the text and the staircase on screen for the requested jpeg, the final word "staircase: " moved from the bottom left of the jpeg to the end of the text ( where i wanted it) above the jpeg. All very confusing. I'll post a jpeg of the forum pic ( two side by side ) after pressing ctrl + or - a few times on my win10 pc

(15 Feb '18, 21:38) andy mackey

The format of the text and picture changes with display changes ( Try ctrl + or - on a Win 10 PC ) the result was the word "staircase" circled in the pics, jumps to the bottom of the picture at some stage??

(15 Feb '18, 22:14) andy mackey

meta @andy mackey: I have converted the big "two screenshots" image into just a link... fits better here in the comments. ;-)

(16 Feb '18, 07:33) aseerel4c26 ♦
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Try editing it so that the image is after all the text? Currently the bit that loads the image is "shown ![alt text][1]can".

I've just tried doing what you said (typing in the text, pressing return twice, then inserting an image) and it worked OK for me?

permanent link

answered 14 Feb '18, 21:08

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SomeoneElse ♦
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edited 16 Feb '18, 07:24

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aseerel4c26 ♦

I thought i had done that in the first place. Thanks I tried again and it's OK now.

(14 Feb '18, 23:24) andy mackey

I just posted another Jpeg and had to reposition "shown ![alt text][1]can" after the text, for some reason it places itself part way through the text, I had to cut and paste to reformat it.

(15 Feb '18, 09:10) andy mackey

I have highlighted an important part: pressing return twice. It is important to have a line break or a paragraph end after the text (before the image).

If you instead separate the text and image only by a newline or even only a space, the image is in the same line as the last text word. This leads to the effect that the image will be placed in the same text line if the image fits horizontally. Having the image in the same line leads to a line hight of the image high to fit the image and because it is apparently standard (or set via our css) the text is at the bottom of that high line which looks very strange. If the image does not fit in the same line then everything look quite okay. That fitting depends on the user's font and windows sizes, so a clear markup should be preferred.

Does have strange effects:

![example image][2]

Works (two spaces before the newline):

![example image][2]

Works too:


![example image][2]
(16 Feb '18, 07:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thank you both. Sometimes a picture saves a thousand words :)

(16 Feb '18, 08:00) andy mackey

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