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A building has an emergency exit starting at a height. At the wall, there is a staircase, which leads to a footpath next to the building. The exit itself (node) can be tagged with exit=emergency. What tags would I use for the the path connecting this exit node to the footpath? I would like to make it explicit that this is a staircase. See this note. An example of such staircase: alt text

asked 13 Feb '18, 19:59

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Create a node at the building where the emergency exit is located. Tag it with exit=emergency (there is also entrance=emergency but should be avoided according to the Wiki).

Draw the staircase connected to this node and tag it with highway=steps, access=no and emergency=yes.

Draw a connection from this staircase to the rest of the road network, e.g. to a nearby road or footway.

example image

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answered 14 Feb '18, 10:06

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according to the wiki page on access the emergency key means: emergency motor vehicles; e.g., ambulance, fire truck, police car

not exactly what you mean here I think. Is there some other documentation available on access "in case of an emergency" ?

(14 Feb '18, 10:09) escada

There is no other documentation I can refer to. In my opinion the wiki is too unspecific / incomplete about the emergency usage. At least I don't know any other way to create an emergency exception for access=no. Using emergency=yes in this case just sounds consistent to me. But maybe someone has a better idea :)

(14 Feb '18, 10:26) scai ♦

Stairs are rendered on the standard map. You could inspect the tags of this one. These stairs lead to a wildlife Hide or Viewpoint. The stairs and path will also need highway=yes footway=yes. The fire stairs should have emergency=only maybe. I see you may have borrowed the picture, did you have permission? better to create one yourself.

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answered 14 Feb '18, 09:40

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andy mackey
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why do you combine highway=steps with highway=yes + footway=yes ? Aren't those implicated by the highway=steps tag ?

(14 Feb '18, 10:10) escada

Yes i guess they are

(14 Feb '18, 11:42) andy mackey

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