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May I know an example query to get all routes in a circle, where circle is defined by a center point with radius in meters.

It would be good to have routes(segments) with points(like start and end) geolocations.


asked 13 Feb '18, 13:59

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about what are you talking ("example query")? Which software, language, ...?

(16 Feb '18, 23:16) aseerel4c26 ♦

May I know whether there is rest api for such query?

(22 Feb '18, 14:17) bingillli

You still need to tell us what software you're working with. OSRM? Graphhopper? Something else? When you say "all routes", do you really want every possible route from every possible point to every possible other point in that circle (which doesn't seem useful and would probably consume a lot of computing power and storage)? Or is it route relations that you want to get? If you can tell us more about what end-result you're trying to reach, you'll probably get more help.

(22 Feb '18, 16:50) alester

thanks for your reply. We need every street/road/avenue geolocation in the circle. but it is also good if we can just get all intersections in circle. Circle radius size can not be very large, e.g., 100~200 meters

Currently, we use geonames web rest api findNearbyIntersectionOSMJSON. We want to know if there is similar software or rest api.

(22 Feb '18, 17:03) bingillli

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