I would like to use the exact same map of the world that one finds on the home page website with same zoomable functionality, for use in MapInfo https://www.openstreetmap.org/export#map=0/-46/154

I have used it in a previous life in my old job so I know it is somehow possible. I want the ability to have a zoomable map that changes as I zoom in and out. As a result a single raster image layer is not what I am looking for. At the same time I do not want a shape file with multiple layers. I simply want a single file manageable map. If that single file requires additional space for supporting files I have that space available.

I have tried searching a number of different locations to download such a map but I have not found an answer as of yet. I am hoping someone might be able to help.

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From memory the OpenStreetMap layer is built into MapInfo (newer versions only), but you can add it yourself with these two files:


!version 1050
!charset WindowsLatin1

Definition Table
  File "OpenStreetMap.xml"
  CoordSys Earth Projection 10, 157, "m", 0 Bounds (-20037508.342789244, -20037508.343038857) 
       (20037508.342789244, 20037508.343038857)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TileServerInfo Type="LevelRowColumn">
    <TileSize Height="256" Width="256" />
    <AttributionText Font="Font ("Tahoma",257,8,16777215,0)">© OpenStreetMap contributors</AttributionText>   
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answered 13 Feb, 03:39

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