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I am aware of a number of nearby private residential communities with several entrances. The main entrance is for residents and guests to enter, the latter checking in at the guard booth. Other entrance gates don't have a guard booth, and may be locked for maintenance access only, or may be open to residents with a passcode.

Streets beyond the guard booth are tagged highway=residential access=private. The entrance node is barrier=gate or barrier=lift_gate (should this also be access=private or is that unnecessary due to that tag being on the streets?). But what should I do with the back gate? How do I tell people reading the map and routing software to use the main gate?

Here is an example of a back gate (this one for maintenance only) and how it causes problems with routing (the correct route is to go all the way north to Oren Brown Road and in the main entrance):

asked 05 Feb '18, 21:00

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Mongo Poker
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I think the barrier is mapped correctly. When I tested it with graphhopper routing didn't go via that gate (using either foot or car). I think the problem may be with OSRM, it is not as good as it used to be. Routers don't use new data for a number of days in my experience. The private tag seems to block all routing, which is correct. If you route to somewhere inside the private area the router will take you as close as possible via public roads or paths which isn't that useful. I doubt that any routers use guest tags for the guest entrance, but that is where visitors need to be routed to. In answer "how do i indicate.. " You could call it " Main Gate or Guest Entrance" and routing should go to that IF INCLUDED in the address of your end point.

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I'm pretty sure Ballo didn't connect to Yowell before I joined them and added the gate. Anyway, routing certainly should take you into a private community if that's your destination. Maybe access=destination is better for these communities?

(06 Feb '18, 15:55) Mongo Poker

The point of access=private is to tell you that access is private. You can only enter if you have legitimate business there, such as living there or visiting a friend.

Graphhopper gives a worse result than going in the wrong gate: It tells you to go into a different neighborhood and park at the end of the culdesac, then hop the fence into the neighborhood you want.

(07 Feb '18, 03:08) Mongo Poker

Do visitors have to stop and show a pass, or ring through what is the entrance procedure? You could also try asking Graphhopper or OSRM how their algorithms are set up and work in those situations.

(07 Feb '18, 08:31) andy mackey

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