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If I search by GPS coordinates, no problem getting the right place.

But if I search for a street address, the returned result (amongst half a dozen incorrect ones) is either that street and the cross street -- an intersection -- or the middle of the searched street. It's never the business or residential number on the street.

I am using OsmAnd for Android, and have downloaded my state's map.

I'm in a fairly large city, so, to not have any results would be pretty astounding to me.

asked 28 Jan '18, 18:31

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It's pretty hard to tell without an exact address, but understandable you won't reveal it. It is possible that the house number is not in the OpenStreetMap database. The best thing you can do is look at the map on osm.org and see whether there is a building with the correct house number.

If that is missing, the software has to make a guess where the house number is, which can lead to mistakes. You can solve that problem by adding the address yourself to the OpenStreetMap database.

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answered 28 Jan '18, 19:18

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Yep, it looks like the majority of my city has no numbers for buildings addresses. What is the easiest way to add these numbers? My understanding is you can't just rip them from Google or Apple; is there a mobile app I can use to just walk along sidewalks, tell it "At my current GPS coordinates, the building number is ####"?

(28 Jan '18, 22:43) LemonPeel

I never used it myself since all adresses are imported in my country, but you can try https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/KeypadMapper

(29 Jan '18, 16:26) Hjart

While others may disagree with me, my favorite app for adding address from my phone is Maps.me.

It is a very limited editor, but that is perfect for when doing something simple and repetitive like adding an address. See the question I asked, then ended up answering myself, for more info on maps.me, and other options.

(29 Jan '18, 21:44) keithonearth

Thanks @Hjart and @keithonearth, I'll check out both suggestions.

(30 Jan '18, 16:21) LemonPeel
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