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I have a database that contains coordinates (location_id, location, log, lat) and I want to display all these points on openstreetmap

thank you for orienting me

asked 23 Jan '18, 14:01

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(23 Jan '18, 19:55) alester


Also, I would like to add some SQL queries and show the results on the map ( not only show data on the map)

thanks in advance

(24 Jan '18, 08:12) didou90
(24 Jan '18, 08:57) didou90

meta @didou90: please could you clarify your question if you want to contribute new data to the main, public OSM database OR if you want to display your points on a map which is based on OSM privately?

(24 Jan '18, 09:50) aseerel4c26 ♦

hello, I have a database containing table named : places(id, name, long, lat) and I would like to : - Show all this points on OSM - Excute Queries and see results on the map

this a chronological execution example: 1- load the map and display all the places ( from the places table) 2- Execute the query which return results of all places containing the word "Castle" 3- display the places on the map containing the word "Castle"

thanks in advance

@aseerel4c26 @edvac

(24 Jan '18, 12:21) didou90

As has been demonstrated by the answers and comments, it's not clear what you mean by "on OSM" or "a map". OSM is really just a big pile of data so you'll need to clarify what you mean. When you say "a map" do you mean something at, visible in web browsers? Something in an application on a PC or a phone? Something on paper? Something on cake?

(24 Jan '18, 14:54) SomeoneElse ♦
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This "using leaflet" switch2osm example demonstrates querying a database in order to show non-OSM points over the top of an OSM-based slippy map in a web browser.

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answered 24 Jan '18, 14:51

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Assuming that the coordinates ar WGS 84 and that the data is your own data (not a third party's!!): First, I would download the data table as csv file, changing the heading of log and lat to longitude and latitude. Then, open the csv file in JOSM (you need to have the opendata plugin installed). In another layer, download the data of the area where you want to add the data. Merge carefully the data with the OSM data, tagging all objects acording to the OSM wiki.

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answered 23 Jan '18, 16:00

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Is didou90 trying to add the points to OSM (for which you've give a method) or simply wanting to display the points on top of a map rendered from OSM data (as I read the question).

(23 Jan '18, 17:05) n76

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