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I need a way to "collect" POIs (partly with lengthy descriptions/additional info) on a "private" map for a research project. Using uMAP online is way too "public" for my purposes, other sites I tried are either restricted in the amount of POIs you can input (I need to be able to input several hundred to a few 1000 "private" POIs with the possibility to add longer texts, pictures, links aso. to each POI) or cost more money than I can/want to afford.

Now, I saw you could download the uMAP software and run it on your own server. So my question is, can I build a system with it that's only accessible to me and runs totally locally (maybe even without needing internet access)?

I already have a tile server up and running locally on a linux virtual machine, so my map is already served locally, I guess it should be possible to store my POIs locally too.

Can I do this with uMAP or is there a better way to accomplish this ?

I read a bit about creating maps with leaflet, but in the tutorials they only explain how to create POIs in code (either hardcode them or I think I saw you could input them into a mySQL database or flat file). I could do that, but that's not a good idea when I need to input several hunderd POIs I don't know the exact coordinates of (exact coordinates don't matter for my purposes), so being able to click on the map and creating a POI on the fly would be essential. I have some basic coding skills (mostly desktop programming with C# on Windows though) but I'm totally new to anything related to maps and quite new to web programming also (and have close to zero Linux skills but can at least get things running with the help of a good tutorial, it worked with the tile server at least).

Thank you fay

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Yes you can do this with uMap, it doesn't require Internet access if you have the tiles locally. Another option would be a classic GIS program like QGIS which could also be configured to use your tile server as a background map, and you could then add layers on top of that and edit them. uMap is server software that you access with a web browser; QGIS is a standalone product that you run natively. If you managed to set up the tile server, then uMap shouldn't be much of a hurdle for you. It is possible that switching to locally-sourced tiles and icons requires a little fiddling with the code but it definitely works. Doing your own thing with Leaflet would certainly be a good learning experience but you'd be reinventing much of the wheel.

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Thank you for your quick answer, Frederik!

(20 Jan '18, 23:01) fayyyyyy

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