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can two areas share a line? for an example when a commercial area is next to a residential area can they share the line in betweent.

asked 19 Jan '18, 06:41

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2 areas (or closed ways, the word "area" is only used in the iD editor) cannot share a line (or way). Their edges might overlap though and reuse the same points. The end-result looks as if they share the same way (line).

You could also build and area via a multipolygon-relation existing of ways, but this makes things more complex. This technique is used in some cases where the mapper wanted to reuse existing ways representing fences or hedges. Other mappers will draw the way representing the fence over the way of the landuses.

So you see there are plenty of ways to represent landuses, but the easiest is to have different areas, reusing the same points at their border.

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answered 19 Jan '18, 06:53

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As for the question of should they share nodes, it of course depends.

If one area semantically stops where the other begins (for example a forest beside a meadow), let them share nodes. If there's a significant gap (for example having to cross the street), don't share nodes. I some cases (for example a dividing wall between two areas) there's technically a gap between two areas but it's probably better to map as if no gap existed.

(19 Jan '18, 15:48) Vincent de P... ♦

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