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For example, a school building and its grounds could both be tagged amenity=school (edit: though apparently this is not the correct way of tagging). But which one should tags like name and operator be applied to?

asked 10 Aug '10, 23:49

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why was this question voted down? It's a perfectly reasonable question.

(11 Aug '10, 08:25) David Dean

I don't mind - every downvote takes away only one point, while every upvote gives me 15 points :) Maybe when I grind up into the thousands I'll sell this account on ebay.

(12 Aug '10, 03:26) NE2

The school building and its grounds should not both be tagged as amenity=school.

Per the good practice of "One feature, one OSM-object", only one object should be tagged as amenity=school (assuming there is only one school at that location).

And assuming the school grounds are mapped, it should be tagged as amenity=school, plus name= and operator= etc as appropriate. The school building should be tagged as building=yes, or something like building=school if you want to be more specific.


The above is for information that applies to the school as a whole, like the name and the type of school. Information specific to one element should still be tagged on that element. For example, if one school building has its own name, or if different buildings have different postal addresses, they should get their own name= or addr: tags.

This may or may not affect the tags for the whole area: In the example, the whole area would still get a name= tag (because the school probably also has a name of its own, just like the building), while it would not get addr: tags (because if different buildings have different addresses, there is no meaningful address for the school as a whole).

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Hmmm, OK. So what about a large resort hotel? You want routing software to know where the main check-in building is, but if you tag that as the resort, what do you do with the grounds? If you tag the grounds as tourism=hotel, how do you tell software where to go?

(11 Aug '10, 05:37) NE2

You'd probably have a separate node for the entrance connected to the "site" with a relation. I don't think there are established tags for this, but it may be possible to combine and .

(11 Aug '10, 14:13) RoToRa

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