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I am trying to create a docker container which can be run on docker to host a local mapserver, the problem i am facing is even with a small country data like bhutan-latest-osm.pbf which is around 200MB large, the docker container's size is shooting up to 4.5GB, this is just for development in actual case i would be using the planet-latest-osm.pbf which is supposed to use up 1.5TB of secondary storage. The important thing here to note is that i would need only zooming until city level, i.e i don't want zooming till street or area level within the map. I'm a newbie to this.

asked 18 Jan '18, 10:55

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I don't think you need 1.5TB for a planet file. One of the osm2pgsql developers has a blog post about how much space is needed and says ~<600GB is needed for a planet import.

(18 Jan '18, 12:03) rorym

Once you've downloaded a planet file or an extract, you can relatively easily only keep certain data that you're interested in or remove certain data that you're definitely not interested in. Have a look at osmium, osmconvert and osmosis (and other tools linked from those pages).

What you can't easily do is to say "keep only those features that renderers tend to show at a particular zoom level" or "keep only enough nodes so that it still looks sensible at a particular zoom level".

As another data point, a mapserver that I have for the UK and Ireland (just over 1Gb of OSM pbf data) happily fits on a 100Gb SSD, and that's with a wider range of features rendered than OSM's standard style.

What are you actually trying to do? Data analysis? Create a map, and if so in what map style? Routing? Something else?

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answered 18 Jan '18, 20:53

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@SomeoneElse I am trying to host a local map server for kibana visualizations which contain maps, the visualizations over there doesn't require city street level zooming, but the restriction over here is the size of the secondary storage is very limited. Hence i have this question.

(19 Jan '18, 04:58) kumard

@SomeoneElse, i am just trying to dreate a map for kibana visualizations, i don't need routing info on the map

(22 Jan '18, 06:37) kumard

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