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There are several HOT tasks that state Bing imagery should be used. However, in some of those cases, DigitalGlobe imagery is clearly more recent (and more detailed).

What should I do in such a case? The description "Use Bing imagery" can one way be interpreted just as a default guideline for newcomers that don't know how to get started, or it can be interpreted as a limitation to not use any other imagery, for whatever unstated reason.

I've seen a case where buildings and roads were removed from a recent edit with the remark that they were not visible on the Bing imagery. But then I think, what if a local is mapping what they are seeing on the ground, would there edits also be invalidated because they show things that are not visible on Bing?

asked 18 Jan '18, 07:41

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The important part is determining which imagery is more recent. If DigitalGlobe is more recent, the task should require its use instead of Bing. Invalidating all objects not visible on Bing would be incorrect.

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answered 18 Jan '18, 12:01

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Actually, I'd suggest using all available imagery (though of course it's still useful to know the date of each imagery layer).

For example, taking an example from a recent mapping project in Zambia, the most recent imagery layer will show the most recent dwelling locations that OSM knows about. However, earlier imagery shows whether those dwellings are likely to be permanent or not (do they "move above"?) and earlier imagery may be of better quality allowing features that don't move much (rivers, roads) to be mapped in more detail.

(18 Jan '18, 20:22) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks! I've concluded that we should use Bing for the correct alignment of other layers (unless Strava or GPS tracks show Bing is misaligned) and then combine information from all available layers for drawing.

(18 Jan '18, 20:39) pbb

Just an observation. Comparing Imagery here, in the UK DGS and Bing show same flock of sheep, Same Pic! DG premium different pic no sheep and on the day less sharp. DGs seems to allow me zoom in a little more. I used Potlatch2 for this observation.

(19 Jan '18, 08:53) andy mackey

Yeah, I've also often noticed that DG shows the same as Bing, although it has often been DG premium when I checked. It was actually DG standard that was most up to date where I tried it out.

(19 Jan '18, 11:32) pbb

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