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I found this place at a neighbourhood and I was wondering whether it should be marked as a "Living street" or as a "pedestrian area". Technically, it isn't a street, but I want to make sure that I'm marking it correctly.

In the map photo, both a Living street and a Pedestrian area are marked.

Thank you!

alt text

alt text

asked 13 Jan '18, 17:14

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Tea Koala
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This isn't a living street, as those are a car-accessible roads with specific rules and signs that don't seem to be present here.

Pedestrian fits a bit better, but I'd argue it isn't a good choice either. This may be different in your local community, but around here, a typical pedestrian road would be far wider – like a regular street, but reserved to pedestrians (and maybe the occasional delivery or emergency vehicle).

Because of that, and assuming there's no bicycle access, I'd map your example from the picture as a footway.

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answered 14 Jan '18, 16:56

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Talking about the section highlighted with the two red lines, I think pedestrian would be the best choice as it doesn't look like a street, and a living street should imply that some cars could actually drive through it, but here it looks to me like there's not enough room for a car to get through

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answered 13 Jan '18, 20:35

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Besides what @Constable has already said, a "living street" is a legal construct (that is involving signs and specific rules of the road) and in general should only be used when that applies.

(14 Jan '18, 10:55) SimonPoole ♦

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