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I have created a point on the map - Fronteras, Rio Dulce, Guatemala - Corazon de las Americas - Travel Agency.

It does not appear on the map.

After creating the point, I have saved the submission and get the message that my upload was successful.

After completing my edit and uploading, I cannot find how to exit the Edit Mode.

I am legally blind, working with adaptive technology and see approximately 3/4" x 6/8" of a 17" screen area and may be missing some simple button and thereby not completing the process.

Answers with step by step instruction and location of buttons to click will be most useful.

Thank you

asked 10 Jan '18, 18:40

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Hi Whiskey1-11,

welcome to OSM! Great that you want to help! I will repeat some details which are available by searching this help site to make it easier for you:

First question: your point does not show up on the default map because

  1. its category is not shown on the default map (note that there are many maps which are based on OSM),
  2. or the point does not show up because the map has not yet been updated by the server
  3. or your browser still shows an old cached part of the map. Usually hit Ctrl+F5 to request a fresh map part from the server. The exact key depends on the browser (see this Wikipedia Help page for more info).

See the older question i-have-made-edits-but-they-dont-show-up-on-the-map for more general details.

I had a look at your edit. Your travel agency shows up for me (as a purple icon showing a suitcase and a sun). So, try to view the map and then hit Ctrl+F5.

Second question: after uploading you can exit the editor by just closing the browser tab/window or navigate to another page. E.g. you can click on the OSM logo in the top left corner to get back to the non-edit map view.

permanent link

answered 10 Jan '18, 19:29

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@aseerel4c26: Thanks. That gets me going with this project and encourages me to go to Open Sea Charts for the other needs of the Cruising Community. The point shows up but not the business name. I will stumble through what I did to figure that out. I also need to edit locations already posted by others to correct the position (one hotel is shown in the bay!)

(comment on behalf of Whiskey1-11)

(10 Jan '18, 21:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

@Whiskey1-11: The name does not show up on the default map, because there is too few space to show it (there is another icon with name nearby). If both points are at their correct location there is nothing you can do about this. Other maps which are based on the same OpenStreetMap data will show it differently. For example it will show up correctly in a "show be all travel agencies" query of a "yellow pages"-like site or in an app like OsmAnd for navigation.

(10 Jan '18, 21:33) aseerel4c26 ♦

@Whiskey1-11: meta: Thank you for your feedback! :-)

For more clarity I have converted your "answer" into a comment and split the new question to a new "question". This site here is not like an endless forum thread, but rather organized into many "questions" ... to be useful also for others who have the same question.

(10 Jan '18, 21:36) aseerel4c26 ♦

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