I'm trying to set up my own infrastructure for more frequent OSMand map updates in Laos as I'm doing a lot of mapping in the area and would like to have it available for cycling trips without waiting for the official monthly update.

The problem is that Geofabrik's https://download.geofabrik.de/ doesn't offer a country extract here. No idea why -- they offer North Korea, Turkmenistan and similar places that are certainly much less popular touristically and otherwise; when I mailed them over a year ago they sad they "might consider" making Laos available some time, alas it's not happening. I tried setting up my own planet database but apart from some borderline underpowered hardware I've been running into a kernel bug that causes postgres to quickly crash the VM, so that's not an option for now.

Any ideas how to get my hands on some extract that's updated at least weekly?

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I (at Geofabrik) have no record of a prior communication with you about Laos, but one or two other people have asked about it and I always tell them to use http://extract.bbbike.org which is updated weekly and gives you arbitrary extracts!

The generic answer to "why doesn't Geofabrik offer X" is usually: It takes some work to get the extract boundary right (hard to do automatically), hence countries are only added if there's enough interest to warrant me sitting down and setting it up. But since your interest seems to be strong enough to sign up here and ask, I've now configured Laos and it should be available daily from tomorrow on.

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Brilliant, that's the best solution I could wish for anyway, thank you very much! extract.bbbike.org is a nice one, too, will probably come in handy some other time, but for now I think you've closed the last white spot in the list of Asian extracts :)

(10 Jan '18, 17:18) mbethke
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