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In Michigan, a favorite winter pastime is sledding. However, good sledding hills are few and far between. Which is why an entire website can be dedicated to listing sledding hills, see I would like to see this kind of information on OpenStreetMap.

Over the years, following recommendations on the wiki, I have tried many different ways of mapping a small sledding hill near me, most of these never render. I just checked my latest try at my latest find, WayMarkedTrails, and see that I have created an infinity hill.

Others have mapped sledding hills as peaks named "sledding hill", which is effective as it then renders everywhere, but this doesn't seem accurate. As these hills are usually found in parks and often are man-made, I see them more as amenities or possibly sports.

Besides their location, other interesting attributes that come to mind are:

  • access
  • opening_hours
  • fees
  • stairs
  • lit
  • surface
  • length
  • slope

How should sledding hills be tagged?

asked 07 Jan '18, 14:56

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edited 07 Jan '18, 14:57

Ah, my bad, Opensnowmap doesn't recognize area=yes for sled pistes, I must fix this. Otherwise your tagging seems right and follows the Piste maps wiki page (

permanent link

answered 07 Jan '18, 18:59

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Well that looks better. Thank you! ... I'm sure that I had tried a point and a way, in the past, before discovering OpenSnowMap (today). Still, it is a shame that these hills do not show as amenities of the parks they are in, without using a special map view.

(07 Jan '18, 21:29) treestryder

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