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I'm wondering if it's needed to add a highway=stop node where it says stop in the street. It's not a stop sign but its still a stop. I'm confused and I'd like to know if it's good to add a stop for that type of stop, or if it's not necessary.

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asked 07 Jan '18, 00:25

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Pavement can be confused with paved sidewalk. The question is on lower priority highways for motor vehicles. Maybe "pavement" should be changed to "junction". see

(08 Jan '18, 07:22) andy mackey

I think the stop node would have to be just before the junction node not on it, otherwise the stop will apply to traffic passing on the major way.

(08 Jan '18, 07:29) andy mackey

Mapping a stop sign here would be correct. A stop is required and a stop is enforceable by police. Many locations require a stop, such as parking lots, where an octogonal sign is not used. It is a stop sign. The signage is simply painted on the ground.

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answered 07 Jan '18, 09:03

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In the jurisdiction I live in the place you are supposed to stop is at the "stop line" which is not the same place the "stop" word is painted on the pavement or even a stop sign on the side of the road. In your image, the "stop line" is above the word on the pavement.

I position the node with "highway=stop" on that line. I understand that you should also put a "direction=forward|backward" on the node to indicate the direction that the stop is required.

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answered 08 Jan '18, 03:10

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The stop node needs to be just before the junction node, it applies to the minor road. As you say direction is important as stop does not apply to vehicles that have turned off the major road.

(08 Jan '18, 14:01) andy mackey

I put the stop or give way node at the line or shark teeth when visible in Oklahoma, since the stop bar by itself in absence of signs or signals counts here.

(08 Jan '18, 16:18) Baloo Uriza

I map the surface marking equivalents to signs as the same as signposted signs.

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answered 07 Jan '18, 04:16

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Baloo Uriza
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edited 07 Jan '18, 22:54

Ok, I add a highway=stop node in that spot but is there any tags that can define what type of stop it is?

(07 Jan '18, 18:49) Mxdanger

To describe the form of signage, you could tag the traffic sign ID ( the octagonal sign and the on-the-road painting have different ID's in some jurisdictions (despite having identical meaning).

(08 Jan '18, 05:58) dsh4

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