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I published a changeset but I've accidentally added a request to review, that I didn't intend to toggle and this is a problem because edits that want reviews are not added to DB and I needed to immediately add something after I published it but when downloading the data it downloads whats on the DB which isn't what I published. After a while of searching, I still can't find any way to validate edits. I now can't edit in that area until that correct changeset is "corrected" so that nothing is reverted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


asked 06 Jan '18, 03:11

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This flag does not mean that the data is not added to the database.

(06 Jan '18, 07:06) escada

I looked at the change set and while there are things that look wrong to me (number of lanes on motorway changes when going over the bridges) I'd "review" it if I could. But I don't see a way on the OSM website nor in JOSM to do the review.

That review button showed up on JOSM fairly recently and I've not seen an explanation of how it is supposed to work.

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answered 06 Jan '18, 03:28

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The concept was introduced in iD before it was implemented in JOSM. Pascal Neis explains in his blog how you can assist in the review of such change requests.

You can review a changeset, write a comment, but you cannot mark it as "being reviewed"

(06 Jan '18, 07:08) escada

So Is there any way to "accept it" so that I can continue working in that area and not having to redo everything I just did?

(06 Jan '18, 21:58) Mxdanger

@Mxdanger you don't need to redo anything - all edits to OSM affect the live data immediately.

(06 Jan '18, 22:33) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse I looked at it in osm website in data mode and it isn't what I published. Even when using JOSM to download the area it downloads the "current/old" one.

(06 Jan '18, 22:36) Mxdanger

Can you provide a link to where the map doesn't show your update? Just the browser address bar should do.

(06 Jan '18, 22:47) SomeoneElse ♦

what do you mean with "current/old" one ? If JOSM shows all of your changes, it's in the database. If it then doesn't show up on the "map" on

  • the renderer didn't process you request yet. (very unlikely)
  • your browser cache still shows the old situation
  • you mapped something incorrectly
  • you mapped something that is never shown on the standard map.

If you download the area with JOSM and it retrieves the data from before your change, somehow something went wrong during the upload and your changes did not make into the database. This has nothing to do with the checkbox you clicked.

The OSM infrastructure has nothing in place to set data apart until it is reviewed. All data go directly from the editor into the database.

(07 Jan '18, 07:19) escada
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Like all other changeset tags, the review_requested tag cannot be modified after the changeset is closed. This is the same mechanism as with the changeset's comment and source, see for example "Is it possible to change comments in changeset history".

As @escada has pointed out, this tag does not mean that your data is not added to the database. The only effect is that people will be more likely to review your changeset. If you still want to make it clear that you added the tag by accident, you can use your changeset's discussion for that.

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answered 06 Jan '18, 09:45

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